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Problems don't exist in a vacuum.png
There is always more going on beneath the surface of your organisation than is evident at first glance.
There's always more going on under the surface than we can tell at first glance..png

Workshops designed to encourage a problem-solving culture that allows organisational resilience to flourish

In 2016 The World Economic Forum, in it's 'Future of Jobs' report, stated that the No. 1 skill for managers in 2020 would be Complex Problem Solving. Little could they know how vital this skill would become.


Post-pandemic, the ability to adapt to new situations and resolve issues with confidence is imperative.


No business operates in a vacuum: world events are continuously impinging on your efforts to succeed.


If you are not currently undergoing a crisis, then common sense dictates that you should be preparing for it. This will entail looking for weaknesses, wherever they might be, and working to eliminate them.

Below are our current training talks. Each lasts approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour, and form the basis of the remainder of the workshop. They are continually updated.

"One of Clark’s strengths is his ability to communicate and persuade at all levels.


I have witnessed him speaking with employees - often calming situations, getting his message across and turning negative situations into positive ones.

I believe that to be a good Lean Practitioner you need the ability “to see”. It is relatively easy to see the 7 wastes in manufacturing, however seeing the 8th waste of Under-utilised Talent and, more importantly, doing something about it, is often the hardest to do - this is where Clark shines.

P G - Lean Manufacturing Mngr, Terex (UK) Ltd, 2004 - 2016

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