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1. The importance of Strategy

It's a given that all organisations must have a coherent strategy. And sometimes they do. Invariably, however, when asking any number of people what it is, no one knows.

Everyone has a plan.png

This workshop, starting with a 45 minute talk, discusses what strategy is, and what we should expect it to accomplish. It focuses on why this underrated element of business management is so easy to get wrong and how your team can turn it from afterthought to the central theme of your organisational objectives.

Here are a few of the things we will discuss:

  • How to know the difference between a mission, strategy and the tactics used to accomplish it.

  • The value of Assymetrical Strategy.

  • What did Lawrence of Arabia have that you need?

  • Why the statistic that 70% of all change projects fail is wrong, and why it's much, much worse.

  • What sort of business are you trying to be?

  • The lessons that can be learned from the Vietnam War.

  • The importance of a single, crystal clear objective and how to communicate it.

As with every workshop, this will be conversational, fun and with plenty of opportunities to get involved. 


If you'd like to book this workshop, just click below or contact me direct by sending me a DM on Linkedin.

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