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'The first draft of anything is shit'.
Ernest Hemingway

Ideas tend not to flow perfectly formed from our mind onto the paper.

They fall out haphazardly, tripping over each other in their hurried quest for expression.
It’s only when we see them in front of us that we realise they make no sense.
Or they’re ugly.
Or they lack rhythm.
Or they’re offensive (although this can be extremely useful).
In writing for clients, I must always remain aware of the need to express ideas clearly.

All the flowery prose in the world will not make up for lack of clarity. Hence my particular style of writing.
There was a Training Sergeant in charge of my unit when I first joined the military over 30 years ago.
He had perfected the pithy turn of phrase to such an extent that even today, I recall them word for word.
Many of them were scatological in nature.
“Stand still, you moron!!! You’re shaking like a shitting dog!!”
Yes, he actually said that.
And yes, I was shaking like a shitting dog. He terrified me.
I also genuinely admired his ability to evoke the perfect visual imagery.
I may understand exactly what you want to say about your product, or your service.
But if I cannot convey it so that others also understand it, of what use is my incisive intellect?

It seems redundant, but you'll be amazed how few people consider what they want their readers to see. 
My writing can be, on occasion, somewhat direct. But readers will see exactly what you want them to.

That's the power of words, correctly employed.

The first draft of anything is shit. But in the hands of the right person, it can perform magic.

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