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2. Ownership - a sense of commitment.

Psychological Ownership may not be a term that rolls easily off the tongue but you'll know if you've got it among your workforce. It will be obvious in everything you do.

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This workshop, which kicks off with a 45 minute talk, will help your team understand the 5 elements that make up Psychological Ownership. If you can imagine the impetus it would give to have your workforce actually committed to the success of the business, you'll see why so many of our clients ask for this one.

Among the things we discuss during this workshop:

  • The crucial role management play in cultivating this mindset.

  • What giving a nickname to a boating lake in America can teach us about the value of Ownership.

  • What the difference is between a sense of Self-Identity and Self-Efficacy, and why it matters.

  • How you can encourage a feeling of belonging within your organisation.

  • Why Accountability is one of the building blocks of a trusting and collaborative workforce.


As with every workshop, this will be conversational, fun and with plenty of opportunities to get involved. 


If you'd like to book this workshop, just click below or contact me direct by sending me a DM on Linkedin.

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