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8. Blame and the Just Culture

There is no more empowering environment than one which discourages blame. When we ask our colleagues 'What can we learn from this?' we're also saying, 'We trust you'.

The Search for a Scapegoat.png

This workshop starts with a 45 minute talk, and discusses how damaging a culture of fault-finding can be. It looks at the causes of such an environment, and what can be done to combat it. We also examine the various types of error, contrast them with deliberate policy violations, then go on to discuss  solutions.

Here are a few of the things we will discuss:

  • How mistakes are made - the cognitive errors that cause some types of mistake.

  • The role habits play in behavioural creep.

  • Why we judge the mistakes of others more harshly than our own.

  • Why it's not necessarily a bad thing that some people deliberately break the rules.

  • What is Fundamental Attribution Bias and how it contributes to a blame culture.

  • How employing a strategy that emphasises learning can negate the effects of blame.

As with every workshop, this will be conversational, fun and with plenty of opportunities to get involved. 


If you'd like to book this workshop, just click below or contact me direct by sending me a DM on Linkedin.

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