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5. Simple Problem Solving - not so simple.

The problem with problems is that the problem is very rarely the actual problem. That's why knowing exactly what the problem is, and why it's a problem, is half the problem.

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This 45 minute talk, with slides, will help your team discuss the question: What exactly is a problem and how do we know when we've got one? Historically, the discipline of solving problems has been divided, certainly in manufacturing environments, between the Quality, Continuous Improvement and Strategic functions of the business. This presents a problem of it's own - namely, who deals with this, and how?

Among the things we discuss during this presentation you will hear:

  • Why DMAIC is not the panacea some think it is.

  • The questions to ask before diving into an 8D process.

  • Why consultative sales techniques have a lot in common with problem-solving.

  • The two main types of problem and why knowing which is which can save lots of dead-ends.

  • How good problem-solving feeds into a robust process-driven approach to business.

  • The prevalence of Groupthink and the effect it has on 'Jumping to solutions'.

  • Why problem-solving is the core of any Crisis Management System.


As with all our talks, this will be conversational, fun and with plenty of opportunities to get involved and ask questions. There will also be some discussion over one or two salient points that you can use later.

If you'd like to book this talk, why not double up and put it with the talk on 'the 10th Man' for a morning or afternoon session that focuses on building a more resilient, innovative culture for your organisation?

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