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Life calls the tune, we dance.

January 2024

Life calls the tune.

We dance.

For weeks after my recent motorcycle accident, I hovered, thanks to a plentiful supply of morphine, in the shadowy space between sleep and wakefulness.

During that time, I experienced a continuous series of waking dreams.

Kaleidoscopic diorama in which images from my subconscious played out before me like actors on a stage.

Of the images that came and went, three were persistent enough to leave their mark.

All tarot cards, I later looked up their names and found that they were:

The Fool.

The Hanged Man.

And The Hermit.

I’ve never subscribed to the idea of reading the future or divining one’s ‘fate’.

But I am fascinated by symbolism and archetypes.

I found, when researching the images, that tarot were never meant as tools of divination.

They were merely invented as an extra ‘trump’ suit for specific card games in the 15th century.

The ability to divine the future was something not attributed to them until 300 years later.

So, I don’t ascribe meaning to the images, other than what my own mind might be telling me.

Which is, I think, more than enough. 

Interestingly, The Hanged Man almost perfectly described my situation.

The idea behind the card is that it depicts a situation in which one is stuck. 

Unable to escape an unwanted circumstance or frame of mind.

Well, yeah...


The expression on the face of The Hanged Man suggests a certain equanimity.

That, whilst unwanted, the situation is neither hopeless nor fixed.

We have the ability to change it simply by adjusting our perspective.

Which is exactly what I’ve been doing these last few weeks.

And it’s not even difficult.

Just hard.

If you’re stuck, I can probably help.


My name is Clark. I tell potential clients they'll know within 20 minutes whether we're a good fit.

And so will I.

For some, my matter-of-fact style doesn't work.

I'm cool with that.

Those I do work with prefer the straight-talking, pragmatic approach.

If you drop me a line and we decide to chat, in 20 minutes you'll know.

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