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Resistance - the enemy of achievement.

You probably already know you are your own worst enemy.

We all are.

In his outstanding book: The War of Art, Steven Pressfield speaks of the resistance encountered by people pursuing excellence – whether it be in artistic endeavour, business goals or a mission to change the world.

I’m not referring here to obstacles put in our way by others – those that rankle at our efforts to succeed. That’s another subject altogether.

The most insidious resistance comes from within, is harder to ignore and is generally an indication that fear is lurking nearby.

Thankfully, the problem holds within it the key to its solution.

That's because, when we grapple with internal resistance, we know that in the same direction lies the seed of our greatest manifestation.


Because the fear that causes resistance is an indicator that we must change, adapt.

We must become the person we were meant to be.

A salesperson knows, deep down, that in overcoming their fear of cold calls, they will become the salesperson they were supposed to be.

Or, nearer to home for me:

A Production Manager who faces down his resistance toward getting out onto the shopfloor will be the Manager his team need him to be.

It’s strange that so many Production people avoid the shopfloor at all costs.

I don’t judge.

However, if success lies in the direction of your greatest resistance, you must get out there.

Be present.


Not only will you start to ask the questions needed to help your team:

Why is that process being done that way?

Why does that person always seem to finish after everyone else?

Have they got too much work? Is the line unbalanced?

But you will have changed. As a person and as a leader.

It will be obvious to those you work with, and they will respond.

You will have become a part of the team.

Instead of being part of the problem, you will be a vital part of the solution.

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