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What do you do when you don't know what top do?

January 2024

What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

You could ask someone who does.

But, how do you know they know?

America's 20th president, James Garfield, was shot and mortally wounded by a gunman in Washington D.C., July 1881.

He stayed alive for two months.

As he lay dying, the greatest scientific minds rushed to his side to help.

Naval engineers created an early version of the air conditioner to keep his room cool.

Alexander Graham Bell tested a new design for a metal detector to locate the bullet which was stuck somewhere in the President's abdomen.

Doctors inserted an innovative new drainage tube to treat an abscess that formed around the wound.

The bullet was never found.

The drainage tube created an infection that eventually killed him.

Historians speculate that if these great men of science had just left Garfield alone, he might have lived.

Sometimes despite our best efforts and best intentions, 

Or even BECAUSE of that effort, we get it wrong.

No surprise, then, that we often prefer to turn to the experts.

And we’re shocked when they get it wrong.


They told us they knew what to do.

But how could we possibly know whether they know, or not?

Well, we don’t. 


My name is Clark. I worked for years in the manufacturing industry, coaching and training organisations to master the art of resilience.

Now my focus is on helping you to do the same.

I tell potential clients they'll know within 20 minutes whether we're a good fit.

And so will I.

For some, my matter-of-fact style doesn't work. 

I'm cool with that.

Those I do work with prefer the straight-talking, pragmatic approach.

If you drop me a line and we decide to chat, in 20 minutes you'll know.

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