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The far-reaching benefits of High Performance Teams

I've been re-reading the excellent work of Mr Kiyoshi Suzaki - Results from the heart. One point I like a lot (and this is a massive over-simplification), is the 'so what' principle. Although there's much more to it, I just find it extremely helpful to ask, when stuck, or facing an issue, or questioning my reasons for doing something.... so? And? So what?

We all know the 5 why's and their usefulness in Problem Solving at work, but there's a broader application in life that I occasionally forget and then, having found myself sucked into other people's dramas, I ask 'why exactly am I doing this?'. Who's it serving? Anyway, just a thought for today.

"Finding the meaning in what we do is embodied in what I call the “So what?” principle. The point is to question ourselves repeatedly until we cannot go any further. Ultimately, we should find deep meaning in what we are doing to the point where we can fully identify ourselves with our actions. The series of answers we provide before getting to the core should help clarify the logic of what we do and why."

Excerpt From: "Results from the Heart: How to Instill Commitment from Your Employees By Helping Them to Fully Develop Their Talents" by Kiyoshi Suzaki. Scribd.

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