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How not to be be the boss you always hated

We've all had them. That boss that drives you crazy. The sort that makes you clench every time they walk in the door.

The sort of boss we swore we'd never be...

So how do they get like that?

From my experience working with Managers, most genuinely want to do a good job. They realise that people rely on them for a healthy work environment, and genuinely want to do right by their team.

But, like anyone, Managers are complex. Those that aren't as successful as they could be, generally fail to reach their true potential because of one of three things:

1. They've haven't been trained sufficiently, if at all, in Management.

Like any other facet of business, management is a learnable skill. Do a course, for goodness sake.

2. They lack Emotional Intelligence. You know what i'm saying here.

This is a tricky one because, if you're the boss, who's going to tell you that your social skills stink? Humility is generally the only remedy in this situation.

3. Fear. This is a killer. A manager who is afraid of being found out, of having his/her territory diminished, losing control of their empire, is a killer of all things true and good - stifling creativity, job satisfaction, communication.


If you're a Manager, can you honestly say that you are doing the best for your team and the business?

If you have any doubts, maybe ask yourself the three questions above.

Do you need more training? There's no shame in admitting this and you will be admired for your honesty.

Do your social skills need some work? Be humble and ask. If your intent is to improve, people will help.

Are you afraid? If so, of what? Be honest with yourself and address it. Of all the issues a manager can have, fear is the hardest to overcome because so few admit to it.

And, believe it or not, one of your greatest strengths is your vulnerability. Yes, let people see who you really are - drop the 'Manager' persona and be yourself.

When you own your weaknesses and work to address them, you will find help around every corner, often from the most unexpected sources. Try it.

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